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New Products

  • Aromatic Egg

    Aromatic Egg

    The appealing and modern Aromatic Egg becomes infused with essential fragrances to scent the tranquil corners of your world. So effective and so simple! Select from 14 different scents, one for every mood and occasion! The porous nature of the Aromatic Egg allows the fragrance to waft up the sides and diffuse naturally into your surroundings. The full scent emerges within 24 hours of filling. The aroma wafting from the Aromatic Egg lingers continually for a beautifully scented home.

  • Aromatic Egg Refill

    Aromatic Egg Refill

    Stock up before you run out.
  • Black Worm Castings ™

    Black Worm Castings ™

    Natural fertilizer, Black Castings™ is 99% worm castings, completely produced by organically fed vegan worms in an indoor soil-free process.

    From: $10.00

    To: $35.00